Xbox finally reveals what caused the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

For gamers in the Xbox 360 era, “the red ring of death” was nothing short of a nightmare. Its dreaded appearance signaled to the console owner that it was no longer operational. While video game systems have always had issues at launch, the Red Ring of Death was terrifyingly common. Microsoft would replace these broken consoles at no cost to the owner, but the company has never given an official reason for the problem – that is, until now! In the fifth chapter of the new documentary Power On: The History of XboxFormer Xbox hardware manager Todd Holmdahl explained that connectors snap inside the system when it goes from hot to cold too quickly.

“All of these people loved playing video games, so they would turn this thing on and off, and when it turned on and off, you were under all kinds of stress,” Holmdahl said.

As stressful as the issue is for most fans, the issue could have been even more stressful for Xbox. The documentary shows excerpts from several reports from the time and their impact on public perception. Former Xbox boss Peter Moore has revealed that the Red Ring of Death has nearly destroyed the brand.

“When we looked at the cost of repairs, the lost sales that we took into account, we had a $ 1.15 billion problem,” Moore said.

Luckily for fans, then Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer provided the funds to keep the Xbox afloat when all hope could have been lost. In the documentary, former marketing manager Albert Penello says Xbox employees may laugh at some of the issues that plagued the company in the past, but after all these years “no one is laughing at the red rings.” It’s a little hard to reconcile this claim with the fact that the Xbox Gear Shop is now selling a Red Ring of Death poster, but maybe some people find it a little funnier than others. It’s hard to imagine anyone from this era wanting this poster, but at least fans can say things have gotten better over the years!

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