Xbox Game Pass Might Add ‘Ravenlok’: Is It True?

Xbox Game Pass is well known for adding new games from time to time to keep gamers entertained within the ecosystem. A new announcement reveals that Xbox Game Pass may be adding “Ravenlok” to its roster.

‘Ravenlock’ game could make its way to Xbox Game Pass

“Ravenlock” was recently screened at Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase back on June 12 this year. The game is considered as a fantasy RPG game in which players need to develop their skills and more.

According to the story of DBLTAPthe game involves a skill tree that players can use to level up their skills and force them to choose the abilities that would best help them when it comes to their preferred playstyle.

Learn more about the game “Ravenlock”

The game’s orientation is third-person and includes arena combat revolving around what has been described as “beautifully crafted” using 3D pixel art. The interesting thing about the game is that no official release date has been revealed yet.

According to its announcement, the game will most likely take until 2023 to launch. The game is said to have been developed by Cococumber, the team behind the popular “Echo Generation”.

Xbox releases list of games to launch over the next 12 months

“Ravenlok” is not actually a standalone game and is considered the conclusion of the “Voxel” magic trilogy. This means that if players want to better understand the upcoming game and don’t just want to wait for its release, there is also an option to play and learn about the previous two games in the trilogy.

Xbox posted a Tweet showing an image of various games with the caption “coming to Xbox/PC in the next 12 months”. The games in the tweet have been split into two under the 2022 category and the 2023 category.

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Other games that should make their way to Xbox Game Pass

This gives gamers a huge hint on which games they could expect this year and which games will launch next year. According to DBLTAP, while no release date has been officially given regarding “Ravenlok”, Xbox notes that the game will be available on day 12 of Xbox Game Pass.

This is no surprise as many other indie games like “Ereban: Shadow Legacy” and “Cocoon” are also set to debut during Xbox Game Pass Day 1. With a massive range of different indie games set to be included, it might be difficult for each of them to get the right amount of attention each.

The article notes that hopefully the games will later be available for free to Xbox Game Pass users so more people know more about them, as they’re still from lesser-known titles and developers.

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