Xbox Game Pass New October Phoenix Point Game Explained

XCOM created a huge legacy and inspired a new generation of basic squad tactical strategy games. There is no doubt that Marvel’s Midnight Suns has a ton of hype as it combines the Marvel brand with XCOM-like gameplay, for example, and this is just one example among many. Another XCOM-as the game is Phoenix Point, which is described as a spiritual successor, and although it is available on PC and Stadia, it will soon make the jump to PS4 and Xbox One.

In reality, Phoenix Point released on the first day on Game Pass (October 1), giving all of its subscribers access to the game. The simple fact of knowing its relationship with XCOM maybe enough for some to check it out, but for those who want to know more, here’s what fans can expect from Phoenix Point.

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History and factions of Phoenix Point

Before the events of Phoenix Point, a pandemic created by an alien virus, named Pandoravirus, has decimated humanity and brought it to the brink of extinction. The Pandoravirus, at the time of play, infected the entire ocean, contaminated and distorted all marine life, and dominated the land via an airborne mutagenic haze. The horror elements of Phoenix Point Take inspiration from HP Lovecraft and John Carpenter.

Players begin the game as the leader of the base at Phoenix Point and a cell of the Great Phoenix Project, a pre-pandemic organization that was waiting to aid humanity in an era of global peril. The airframe is filled with talent, but after they are put together, Project Phoenix seems to disappear. So, as players fight for the future of humanity, they will also work to solve the mystery of Project Phoenix. Players must face the mutations of the pandoravirus, fight for control of resources, forge alliances and more throughout the game.


There are a total of 5 endings at Phoenix Point, with the endings being based on factions found in the game world, including the aforementioned Project Phoenix; Anu’s followers, who worship an alien god, develop human-alien hybrids and hide in caves; New Jericho, a highly militant faction that seeks to directly combat the alien threat; and Synedrion, who are the most technologically advanced faction and are described as “radical” environmentalists seeking to build a new and better human civilization.

Phoenix Point gameplay and enemies

Phoenix Point Boss Battle

Players can expect game tactics and overall strategies similar to those seen in XCOM, corn Phoenix Point makes its own variations. For example, alien players face mutation and evolution as they adapt to player tactics and technology, adding new dynamic elements to the overall combat and approach. These aliens are procedurally generated and include random body parts, sizes and shapes depending on the control of the Pandoravirus on the planet. The regions controlled by the Pandoravirus add to the pool of extraterrestrial mutations available.

Where aliens are victorious in Phoenix Point, they can mutate depending on the weapons and technology used to fight them. The reverse is also possible: Aliens who constantly lose can mutate to develop new abilities for natural selection, such as new attacks, physical defenses, and threads. Overall, the game’s AI adapts the gameplay to the way the player approaches it.

At the same time, players will have to compete and face off against the aforementioned factions in order to capture important resources; it is even possible to loot one of the Phoenix Pointenemy refuges. These resources are then used to facilitate the growth of the player’s abilities and facilitate the growing strategy of the player. Phoenix Point. As players grow, more and more strategy options become available globally and can help define how a player approaches the game.

On paper, Phoenix Point looks amazing, and its PC reviews indicate “mixed or average” reception. It remains to be seen how well received it is on PS4 and Xbox One, but certainly, Xbox Game Pass subscribers who love XCOM have nothing to lose by checking it out.

Phoenix Point is out now for PC and Stadia, with release on PS4 and Xbox One on October 1.

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