Xbox games with Gold that don’t feature Xbox Series X games are a big deal

Xbox games with Gold for June 2021 still do not have an Xbox Series X title, putting subscribers at a disadvantage compared to PS Plus players.

Several days ago, Microsoft unveiled the June list of Xbox free games with Gold. Unsurprisingly, the games Microsoft will offer to Xbox Live Gold subscribers have mostly met with gamer disapproval. Watching the trailer for the announcement on YouTube reflects what gamers think of next month’s roster, given the number of likes outweighs the likes at the time of writing.

Besides the lackluster roster, one huge issue that has been trending for Xbox Live Gold subscribers remains: the lack of Xbox Series X / S games. At this point, it’s clear that Microsoft probably has no plans to add support to its new consoles, especially since most of the company’s effort is spent on Xbox Game Pass.

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Why Xbox games with gold that don’t have Xbox Series X / S titles are a huge problem

xbox series xs consoles

It’s been six months since Microsoft launched the Xbox Series X and S, which are the company’s latest consoles. Since the launch of the consoles, it’s a mystery why Microsoft can’t include Xbox Series X / S games on Xbox Games with Gold. The exception to this is the February free games list, which included an enhanced Xbox Series X / S version of Gears 5. However, players should take note of when this exception was made.

In February, Microsoft made headlines when it announced that it would increase the price of the Xbox Live Gold subscription. Unsurprisingly, this announcement met with serious backlash from the Xbox community, forcing Microsoft to abandon its plan to raise prices in less than 24 hours. In what appears to be an attempt to correct its mistake, Microsoft’s Xbox Free Games with Gold list in February not only offered the enhanced Xbox Series X / S version of Gears 5, but it also included several triple-A titles such as the remake of the first Resident Evil.

Of course, now that more and more gamers are slowly switching from Xbox One to Xbox Series X / S, the lack of support for Xbox Live Gold subscribers is a huge problem for Microsoft. With the disappointment continuing on its list of free games with Gold, it seems Microsoft is going unperturbed, and the company may want Xbox gamers to leave Xbox Live Gold and upgrade to Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox games with Gold subscribers are at a disadvantage compared to PS Plus subscribers

It should be noted that since the release of the PS5 last November, Sony has consistently included a PS5 game on its PS Plus service. Although most of the PS5 games included with PS Plus over the past few months have been indie games, PlayStation gamers have always welcomed these titles, given that they were able to use the features offered by the new console. Additionally, this has led some Xbox gamers to question why Microsoft is unable to include support for its new consoles, especially as subscribers are at a disadvantage over the benefits PS5 gamers get. .

Again, it’s hard to pin down Microsoft’s true intentions, given that the company has never responded to negative reviews leveled against Xbox Live Gold. However, based on everything the company has done for Xbox Live Gold over the past year, one couldn’t help but wonder if this was just Microsoft’s low-key way of saying players to dump Xbox Live Gold and upgrade to Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game. Go Ultimate.

Ultimately, it’s a mystery why Microsoft won’t just shut down Xbox Live Gold if it wants Live Gold subscribers to upgrade to Game Pass. If access to paid online multiplayer games is the only issue, the company can integrate this feature with Xbox Game Pass or just let gamers who need it subscribe to the slightly more expensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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