Xbox owners reportedly ready to get popular PlayStation 4 feature

It’s strange. Xbox owners will soon be getting a popular PlayStation 4 feature and not only that, they’ll be getting it before the feature even hits the PlayStation 5. Weird.

The Xbox Series X/S shortage finally seems to be coming to an end. In fact, the Xbox Series S recently surpassed PlayStation 5 sales in Japan for the first time in its history. As more and more people get their hands on a console, Microsoft is also ramping up its update efforts – and it looks like a fun new feature is on the cards.

Check out this amazing artist who creates custom PlayStation 5 designs.

A popular feature of the PlayStation 4 was that users could customize the console’s home page using themes. Now, PlayStation 5 users can only choose from a selection of fairly basic backgrounds. Themes took things a step further by revamping the console’s user interface with designs based on your favorite games. Personally, I remember liking the simplicity of the Assassin’s Creed Origins gold and black theme.

Currently on Xbox Series X/S, you can either select a background from the console’s base lineup or use an in-game screenshot, but there are no themes. Twitter user ALumia_Italia claims this may soon change as Microsoft is reportedly working on an Xbox app that will allow users to create their own themes.

Themes were great for bringing a vibe to your console. In particular, the Resident Evil franchise had a wide variety of themes that triggered that queasy feeling in your stomach before you even launched a game.

ALumia_Italia shared a gif of the reported app which appeared to be called Xbox Dynamic Background Editor. The app appears to be more advanced than the PlayStation 4 system, allowing Xbox users to completely create their own theme from scratch. As with all rumours, this should be taken with a grain of salt. PlayStation 5, it’s up to you now.

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