Xbox Series S Clip-on LCD Panel Makes a Great Portable Gaming Solution ”EFTM

The Xbox Series S is fairly easy to get compared to the more powerful Xbox Series X, but it’s also much more compact. The smaller form factor is perfect for those who want to move the console, Australia’s leading company UPspec, to launch xScreen, an LCD panel that snaps into the back.

The xScreen is an 11.6-inch display in a white casing that matches the S-Series style and color scheme. The display, which includes stereo speakers, offers 1080p resolution at a refresh of 60Hz – slightly lower than the 1440p / 120Hz that the S-Series is capable of. The UPspec team says they made a conscious decision to offer the lowest resolution / refresh with the belief that few modern games will run faster than 60fps – and 1080p resolution looks incredibly crisp at this size.

The xScreen clips onto the back of the S series with colored tabs – yes, there is a green colored xBox tab – and plugs into the HDMI output on the back for video with power supplied by the USB port on the back of the S series.

This of course means that all you need to play on the go is a power outlet. At this point, I’m just hoping that someone can launch a battery add-on, and an almost fully portable XSS could be completely portable.

Rewards start from AUD 259, although the UPspec team says retail will be $ 329 with shipments scheduled to start “by the end of 2021.” There are no shipping costs yet, with their FAQ stating that the Commitment Management System will work for your country at the end of the campaign, but they expect it to be around $ 35. $.

Considering that the Xbox Series S costs $ 499, it’s a pretty expensive mobile gaming system, but dammit if it doesn’t get me to reach for my wallet. You can get some decent deals on the Xbox Series S around the corner if you’re up for be patient and check the options though.

That said, this is Kickstarter, so nothing is guaranteed – current units are 3D printed, but the Kickstarter will allow them to switch to traditional production methods. The project was also a technical success, surpassing its goal of $ 13,000 in just 20 minutes, so it looks promising.

If you want to participate in this action, you can go to the Home Page and check it out.

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