Xbox Series X exclusive leak could make PS3 fans jealous

An upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S exclusive new game has been leaked, thanks to a prominent Xbox insider, and it will almost certainly make some die-hard PlayStation fans who were there for the PS3 jealous. According to a new report, collaborated by Addendum Reports, Xbox and Stoic Studio are working on an exclusive Xbox console. Comprised of former BioWare developers, Stoic Studio has delivered three games to date: The Saga Banner, The Banner Saga 2, and the Saga Banner 3. While the trilogy failed to generate huge commercial success, it gained critical acclaim and every game is one of the tactical RPGs of all time. In other words, it’s a studio with pedigree.

According to reports – including one from Jeff grubb – the mystery project is codenamed Project Belfry and it’s not a tactical RPG like the team’s previous games. Rather, it’s a side-scrolling action game that Grubb says is similar to Dragon crown, a 2013 game from Vanillaware exclusive to PlayStation platforms.

Unfortunately details on the game are scarce, but it is said to have art that is a mix of The banner saga and Princess mononoke, and that there is a certain type of base where players craft items and upgrade their equipment. In other words, it looks like there are RPG elements in the game. What if the game is anything like The banner saga, it will be rich in storytelling and empower agency players giving them decisions to have that impact on said storytelling.

At this time, it’s unclear when this game will be released or revealed, but given that it’s been three years since Stoic Studio released a title, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not just on the verge of being released. to be revealed, but also published. That said, for now, take everything here with a grain of salt.

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