Xbox Series X / S consoles continue to sell at record pace, Microsoft says

Xbox Series X / S systems continue to sell faster than any previous generation of Microsoft consoles, the company said.

After launching in November 2020, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in July 2021 that the Xbox Series X / S was the company’s best-selling consoles.

And in a New York Times Interview released Monday, Microsoft gaming boss Phil Spencer said it still does.

He claimed that the persistent Xbox shortages did not actually result from the production of fewer consoles than was the case in previous generations. Instead, the scarcity has been caused by an increase in demand since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Back, what would it have been – March, April 2020 – we sold consoles, which we never do, in April and May. Because you’ve had this sudden increase in usage, ”he said.

“Our networks were tapped as more people arrived. And the team has worked hard to meet this demand. And in some ways, we still try to do it.

“When you think of trying to get an Xbox or a new PlayStation right now on the market, they’re really hard to find,” Spencer continued. “And it’s not because the offer is smaller than it’s ever been. The offer is actually as big as it ever was. It is because the demand exceeds the supply for all of us.

“At this point, we have sold more of this generation of Xbox, namely the Xbox Series X and S, than we had any previous version of Xbox. So it’s our job to get the supply there to meet that demand.

Sony claimed last summer that the PS5 became its best-selling console after surpassing 10 million worldwide sales, just under a month faster than the PS4. However, the console then fell behind the sales pace of its predecessor.

In October, Sony said PS5 supply issues were negatively impacting hardware sales, but remained hopeful of meeting its annual console shipping target of 14.8 million units. , an exploit which would allow him to obtain the best performance from the PS4 at the same stage of the life cycle of this console.

Elsewhere in the extensive New York Times interview, Spencer said that Xbox changed the way it does “some things” with Activision Blizzard following allegations of abuse at publisher Call of Duty, but that it does not. not think it is his job to “punish other companies” for their transgressions.

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