Xbox Series X|S Seagate Expansion Card Review

It’s been over a year and a half since Microsoft launched the Xbox Series X and S home consoles, and while the company’s older consoles had various cheap options for data storage, their latest came with a new one. controversial proprietary storage solution: officially branded and limited expansion cards. While the company said it will eventually offer multiple solutions with varying price points and sizes, Seagate remains the sole owner of proprietary memory cards. With Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription and their constant sales, my library grew massive and I ran out of space. I finally got my hands on an Xbox Seagate expansion card, so I tested it with my Xbox Series X. Is it worth the price? Read on with our Seagate Xbox Expansion Card review!

Seagate 1TB expansion card
Manufacturer: Seagate
Platforms: Xbox Series X
Price: $219.99

The original Seagate expansion card offer has arrived 1 terabyte option, so it makes sense that I did a thorough review on the same SKU. Since its release, the company has expanded its lineup to also offer 512GB and even 2TB options, hoping to round up the prices a bit more for consumers. Microsoft made a bet against Sony by using a standard M.2 SSD for its PS5 console.

Some readers may know that I work in the tech industry, so I’m comfortable opening up hardware for tinkering or doing repairs and upgrades. However, many people are not comfortable doing this and never want to be bothered by this kind of process. Enter the Xbox Series X Seagate expansion card, which you can just plug in and it just works.

I might go out with myself, but there was a time when game consoles had no internal storage, or any at all, so they had things called memory cards. These stored your game saves, and it was an easy way to manage game saves and even take them to your friend’s house. Digital games became a thing and yet that plug-and-play storage option seemed to be fading.

The short version of my experience with the Seagate expansion card was that it’s really just an expansion of your internal storage, and I didn’t see any noticeable speed degradation or issues for play a multitude of games installed on the extended memory. Seagate and Microsoft have really knocked it out of the park, and yet its price tag remains an obstacle for many.

Before we had a chance to review this new storage solution, I was actually waiting for a sale for the Seagate expansion card so I could finally double or even triple my storage on my Series X. I think its price is a little higher. side, so quite a few owners probably fall into the same debate I once had.

Even working in tech for years, the novelty of new hardware still excites me – not to mention the extremely user-friendly hardware. After unboxing our Seagate expansion card, I simply plugged it into my powered-on Xbox Series X and it automatically prompted me to format and configure the unit. That was literally it – and I doubled my storage capacities on the Series X.

After spending a lot of time playing games that only run on the card, the Seagate expansion card is definitely worth the price, that is, if you can rock it. It’s a complete and seamless way to expand the storage of your existing Xbox Series X or S console, all with the same benefits of its state-of-the-art internals.

It’s worth pointing out that Microsoft still supports external USB storage solutions for the X and S Series, but you can’t play the latest games on an external SSD or HDD. Backward compatible games, however, are fine with these external drives, though naturally nowhere near as fast as the internal drive or Seagate expansion card.

As games increasingly depend on modern, cutting-edge hardware, old storage solutions just won’t cut it. Many games easily reach 50-100GB, which after having Game Pass for a while or browsing through one or a few Xbox sales will quickly blow you a whole terabyte of storage.

The bet Microsoft made with the Xbox Series X and S only supporting NVMe drives had an advantage in forcing an equal storage base with games, but the two consoles have different hardware specs with computing power. overall. Sony, on the other hand, supports both M.2 and NVMe drives on PS5, yet their discless and disc-ready variants have the same hardware.

You better grab one of these Seagate expansion cards to save yourself the headaches of managing a bunch of game installs internally and on external drives, while staying within the limits of this which can be played on an extended disc. Microsoft is in a bit of a pickle as it tries to support a multitude of generations of hardware and software.

Despite my earlier hesitations about getting the expanded storage, I’m very happy with the Seagate expansion card and how it seamlessly expands my system’s storage, while maintaining its ridiculous read/write speeds. It’s a tough price to swallow, but hopefully the components get cheaper and can squeeze 1TB down to under $200 – at which point it will be very tempting.

We did our review of the Seagate expansion card on the Xbox Series X with a retail unit provided by Seagate. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s Review/Ethics Policy here.

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