Xbox UK unveils comfy beanie and gloves set for your controller

In light of the holidays and the snowy season, Xbox UK tweeted a series of photos featuring controller accessories: knits.

Xbox The UK’s Twitter account recently posted a series of photos showing knits suitable for the season – not for gamers, however: for controllers. Xbox’s presence on Twitter has gained a reputation for being somewhat cheeky and funny; especially after the unveiling of the Xbox Series X, which has seen frequent comparisons with a refrigerator. As a result, Xbox actually took part in the joke and released a real Xbox Series X mini-fridge last year.

For those hoping to get their hands on an Xbox Series X (not the mini-fridge version) this coming year, they might be in luck. A recent Xbox Series X restock in the UK had consoles available for a full 24 hours after it dropped, which is a good sign after a year of major console sales in minutes or hours. The ever-elusive PlayStation 5 also remained in stock during this time, which is a similar unanticipated development to the Xbox Series X.


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Xbox UK recently released accessories for those with its console controllers, and they’re perfect for the current winter season. The photos in the tweet feature an adorable gray, white, and green knit beanie with matching mittens – not worn by humans, but by Xbox controllers. The last photo in the series even shows a person, herself without mittens or gloves, holding said controller. The entire controller is certainly a fun and adorable sight to watch; although this is also an impractical investment, but the tweet does not seem to suggest that the knit set is in fact for sale.

While the tweet shouldn’t be taken seriously, fans still commented on their desire to purchase the admittedly impractical Xbox Controller Hat and Mitt set. A user simply wrote, “If only it was a real thing to buy. Sounds adorable,” while another commented more elaborately on an animated GIF of Fry from Futurama pulling out a wad of bills and shouting, “Shut up and take my money!” There are many controller and console accessories that lack practical use, but still enhance the gaming experiences.

Playing in the comfortable warmth of indoors is a wonderful way to spend time during the winter; and thanks to this Xbox UK tweet, now Xbox controllers can also become comfortable and cozy. Although this product is apparently not available for sale, people talented enough to crochet or knit playthings accessories will likely have a hard time creating such a similar (or identical) set. Some players are incredibly talented when it comes to arts and crafts – some crocheting their favorite characters in the game, like those from Animal crossing: new horizons – so this might be an achievable task for some.

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Source: Xbox UK / Twitter

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